Roadside & Towing (Optional Car Hire Excess Waiver)

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We will only provide cover for the following situations when it comes to roadside assistance and towing:

  • If the hire vehicle breaks down following an incident which renders you unable to commence, continue or complete a journey as a result of your vehicle being unsafe to drive or being immobilised, you will need to contact the hire car company immediately and follow their instructions.
  • If you are required to arrange or pay for the recovery of the vehicle, we will refund the costs you incur including fees, up to £1,000 for a breakdown vehicle to attend the scene, try and restore the hire vehicles mobility, and if required recover the vehicle to the destination of choice.

We will not provide cover for the following situations when it comes to roadside assistance and towing:

  • Any costs where an invoice and evidence of payment can not be supplied.
  • The costs of the repairs.

Please refer to the General Exclusions and General Conditions sections for further information on the cover we provide under this policy.

The General Exclusions section outlines any specific situations or circumstances that are not covered by the policy. It is important to review this section to understand any limitations or restrictions on the cover provided. The General Conditions section provides important information about the terms and conditions of the policy. This includes details about how to make a claim, the responsibilities of the policyholder, and any other relevant information that may affect the cover. 

For additional details regarding the optional car hire excess cover, please refer to the document linked HERE. This document provides comprehensive information about the car hire excess cover, including its terms, conditions, and cover details. 

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