Drop-off Charges (Optional Car Hire Excess Waiver)

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Roadside & Towing

What is covered?

  • We will pay up to £500 (or equivalent in local currency) for drop off charges incurred in the event of you being unable to return the rental vehicle to the rental company, due to an accident or illness where hospitalization takes place.
  • Important: For this benefit to be payable, you must present a medical certificate or letter from an authorized medical practitioner confirming the hospitalisation.

What is not covered

  • Where proof of hospitalisation is not available if requested by the assistance company.
    Where the vehicle rental is a one-way rental.
  • Any amount exceeding £500 (or equivalent in local currency) for any one claim, or in any one policy term

Please refer to the General Exclusions and General Conditions sections for further information on the
the cover we provide under this policy.

For more information on the optional car hire excess cover, Please see here

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