Are there any important policy conditions regarding health?

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Your policy contains restrictions, conditions and exclusions that relate to your health and to the
health of others on whom your trip might depend. You must read the following information and be
satisfied that this policy meets your needs.

Pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered unless they have ALL been declared, and
accepted by us in writing. You must therefore ensure that you answer all questions about yourself
and anyone else insured under your policy fully, honestly, and to the best of your knowledge,
as failure to answer our questions accurately may affect the cover we provide and our ability to
pay your claim. Please see page 4 for what you must do if you have a change to your health after
purchasing your policy.

We are unable to provide cover for any pre-existing medical condition(s) where you have
an undiagnosed medical condition, or a condition where you are currently on a waiting list,
undergoing treatment, or tests or, where you are awaiting the results of any tests. There are
some instances we may be able to provide cover for pre-existing conditions if you are awaiting
a procedure, (please see the Medical Declaration section on page 8 for more details).

If you have any questions about what cover will be provided by this policy in respect of your
existing medical conditions, please contact Staysure Customer Services.

Please note: this policy does not provide cover for treatment that can be delayed and carried out
after your repatriation home or for any private medical expenses where medically suitable state
treatment is available. It is therefore a condition of this insurance policy that in the first instance you
make use of any reciprocal health agreement between the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, or the
Isle of Man and the country you have travelled to, should you require medical treatment whilst travelling.

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