How can travel insurance help with travel disruption?

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How can travel insurance help with travel disruption?

When faced with travel disruption that affects your holiday, your first port of call should be to contact your holiday providers. Travel insurance can help if your travel providers can’t.

Travel providers, like airlines and cruise lines, should offer you a refund or the chance to change the dates you travel if they cancel your booking.

If the dates you’re due to travel change, remember to update your travel insurance policy. You can amend your Staysure policy easily in your My Staysure account. Remember if you’re changing your travel dates, you’ll need to do this before you were meant to travel.

What if my travel providers can’t help?

If you’ve contacted your travel providers and they can’t help rearrange your travel or offer a refund, you may be able to file a ‘chargeback claim’ with your bank (only if you paid using a credit card).

If you’ve tried both of these options without any luck, then you may be able to claim on your travel insurance.

Can I be covered for strikes?

You should be covered by your travel insurance if strikes affect your travel plans, as long as the strike wasn’t common knowledge when you booked your trip or took out your policy (whichever was later).

Find out more about how strikes and travel delays are covered by your Staysure Travel Insurance by viewing the policy documents or visiting our claims page.

What if my flight is cancelled?

If your flight is cancelled and neither your travel provider nor your bank can help, you may be able to claim on your travel insurance.

Cover often differs between outgoing and return flights, so make sure to check your policy documents.

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