What is covered by the optional gadget cover add-on?

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We’ll cover your gadgets, worldwide (subject to territorial limits), up to £2,000 (total maximum claim but can be spread over multiple items or a single item.)

To add our optional gadget cover, you’ll need to choose our comprehensive policy and then select the gadget cover add-on.

Please note: This is covered as standard on our signature policies.

Here’s what’s included with our optional gadget cover, on top of the standard personal belongings cover:

Accidental damage:

We will arrange a repair if Your Gadget is damaged as a result of an accident or malicious damage. If Your Gadget cannot be repaired, We will replace it.


If Your Gadget is stolen, We will replace it. Where only part or parts of Your Gadget have been stolen, We will only replace that part or parts.

Accidental loss:

If You lose Your Gadget, We will replace it. Please note laptops are not insured for Accidental Loss.

If Your Gadget suffers electrical Breakdown which occurs outside of the manufacturers guarantee / warranty period, then We will repair it. If Your Gadget cannot be repaired, We will replace it. This cover is not available on laptops.

Unauthorised call/data use:

Unauthorised Call/Data Use If Your mobile phone is lost or stolen and is used fraudulently, We will reimburse You for the costs upon receipt of Your itemised bill, up to a maximum value of £2000. This includes calls, messages, downloads and data made / used from the time it was lost or stolen up to a maximum of 24 hours from discovery of the incident.

Liquid damage:

If Your Gadget is damaged as a result of accidentally coming into contact with any liquid, We will repair it. If it cannot be repaired, We will replace it.

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