Accepted and Excluded Activities

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Our policies will only cover you when participating on a non-professional, non-competitive basis.

If you are considering participating in any activities during your trip, we kindly suggest checking if we provide coverage for your chosen activity. You can do so by using the search box below.

If your activity isn't listed, Please use our webchat option or speak with our friendly customer services team.

Activities indicated with a single asterisk (*) will not be covered under the Personal Accident and Personal Liability sections of our policies.

Please note: If you are using a mobile device, you may need to scroll horizontally after searching for your activity to determine whether you have coverage or not.

Aerobics Covered
American football Not covered
Animal conservation/game reserve work Not covered
Archery* Covered
Badminton Covered
Banana boat rides Covered
Base jumping Not covered
Baseball Covered
Basketball Covered
Beach cricket Covered
Big game hunting Not covered
BMX Covered - Only if wearing a helmet
BMX stunt riding Not covered
Boogie Boarding Covered
Bouldering Not covered
Bowls Covered - Including competitions
Boxing Not covered
Boxing Training* Covered
Bungee jumping Not covered
Cable cars Covered - Not for use on Hiking or Trekking
Camel/elephant riding/trekking*  Covered
Canoeing/kayaking  Not covered - If white water
Canoeing/kayaking* Covered -  Only if wearing a life-jacket and helmet and only on inland and coastal waters – not white water
Canyoning Not covered
Catamaran sailing Covered
Caving/potholing Not covered
Cheerleading Covered -  As long as this is a leisure-orientated activity and not partaking in the activity due to a gap year etc. The insured is fit to partake in the activity. The activity is held in a safe environment.
Clay shooting*  Covered
Coasteering Not covered
Cricket Covered
Croquet Covered
Cross-channel swimming Not covered
Curling Covered
Cycle racing and time-trialling Not covered
Cycling Covered -  Only if wearing a helmet, not mountain biking
Dinghy sailing* Covered -  Only if wearing a life-jacket and only inside territorial waters
Dog sledging* Covered -  When driven by an experienced driver provided by the organiser only
Dune Bashing Not covered
Dune Buggy Not covered
E-Scooters Covered -  Provided the customer is wearing a helmet and this takes place as part of an organised tour
Falconry*   Covered
Fell walking Covered - No climbing
Fencing* Covered
Field hockey* Covered
Fishing* Covered
Football* Covered
Free/high diving Not covered
Gaelic Football* Covered
Glacier Walking Covered -  Must be with a guide
Gliding Not covered
Go-Karting* Covered -  Only if wearing a helmet
Golf Covered
Grand Canyon Covered - This will be covered subject to the following;

Sightseeing tour only
Must be a fare-paying passenger of a licensed aircraft
The pilot must be familiar with the territory
There is no PA or PL cover
The insured must adhere to the organising company’s rules and regulation
Gymnastics Not covered
Hang gliding Not covered
Helicopter rides Covered -  *Can be covered as long as they are a fare-paying passenger in a licensed passenger-carrying aircraft, but there would be no cover under the personal accident section of the policy.
Hiking Covered - Under 2,500 metres altitude
Hiking Not covered - If above 2,500 metres altitude
Hiking up a Volcano Not covered
Horse jumping/ hunting Not covered
Horse riding* Covered - Only if wearing a riding hat and no cover for polo, hunting, or jumping
Hot air ballooning* Covered - As a fare-paying passenger in a licensed aircraft
Ice Camping Not covered
Ice skating Covered
Indoor Winter Sports Covered - *Requires need Winter Sports cover to do indoor winter sports activities, whether this is taking place in the UK or abroad.

If this activity is taking place in the UK then the Home Country cover rules will also apply.
Jet skiing* Covered
Jogging Covered
Judo/karate/martial arts Not covered
Kite surfing Not covered
Lacrosse Not covered
Micro-lighting Not covered
Motor Cross Not covered
Motor Cruiser  Covered - *If the customer is just a passenger on the motor cruise and will not in any way engage in the manning or driving the cruiser then we can offer them a policy. 
Motorcycling on-road/as a mode of transport as a passenger or a rider Not covered - If the motorcycle or electric motorcycle is over 125cc/11kw
Motorcycling on-road/as a mode of transport as a passenger or rider Covered - Must be wearing a helmet and only if the motorcycle or electric motorcycle is under 125cc/11kw. The rider must hold a valid motorcycle license
Mountain biking* Covered - Only if wearing a helmet
Mountaineering Not covered
Netball Covered
Off-road motorcycling Not covered
Organised competitive team sports Not covered
Orienteering Covered - No climbing
Paddleboarding*  Covered -  Subject to the following:

Must wear a life jacket at all times
Must be experienced
Must adhere to the organizer's rules
Must keep within the designated paddle area on the lakes
Must keep clear of any rock areas
This must not be for a competition or where money is involved.
Parachuting Not covered
Paragliding Not covered
Parascending* Covered -  Over water
Parascending/Parasailing Not covered - If over land
Pickleball Covered
Pilates Covered
Polo Not covered
Professional sport Not covered
Quad biking Not covered
Rambling  Covered -  Under 2,500 metres altitude only
Rambling Not covered - If over under 2,500 metres altitude
Ringos Covered
Rock climbing Not covered
Roller hockey/street hockey* Covered -  Only if wearing pads and a helmet
Rollerblading/line skating Covered
Rounders Covered
Rowing Covered
Rugby Not covered
Running Covered -  But Not long distance running.

What is Long distance?  21Km but to be insured the traveler must be fit to run and have ran a similar distance before
Safari* Covered - If organised in the UK and By a UK-Based company before departure.
Sailing Covered - Inside Terrortial water Only
Sailing Not covered - If outside territorial waters
Sand Boarding Not covered
Scuba diving Covered -  Conditions apply.

Please see scuba diving conditions in the Policy Wording document for details.
Scuba diving Not covered - If below 30 metres
Segwaying*  Covered
Shark feeding/cage diving Not covered
Skateboarding  Covered
Skydiving Not covered
Sleigh pulled by reindeer Covered - When driven by an experienced driver provided by the organiser only
Snorkelling Covered
Softball Covered
Squash Covered
Surfing Covered
Swimming Covered
Swimming with dolphins Covered - As part of a supervised activity
Table-tennis Covered
Ten pin bowling Covered
Tennis Covered
Tombstoning Not covered
Track days using motorised vehicles Not covered - Except go-karting
Tree top walking* Covered - As part of a supervised activity
Trekking Covered - Under 2,500 metres altitude only
Trekking Not covered - If above 2,500 metres altitude
Volleyball Covered
Wakeboarding* Covered
Walking Covered
Water Parks Covered
Water polo Covered
Water ski jumping Not covered
Water skiing* Covered
Weightlifting Not covered
White/black water rafting Not covered - If grade 5 to 6
White/black water rafting Grades 1 to 4*  Covered - only if wearing a life-jacket and helmet
Windsurfing Covered
Wing Foiling Not covered
Wrestling Not covered
Yachting (crewing) – outside territorial waters Not covered 
Yachting/crewing* Covered - only if wearing a life-jacket and only inside territorial waters
Yoga Covered
Zip Lining/Wiring Not covered
Zorbing/hydro zorbing* Covered

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