How do I authorise someone to discuss/make amendments on my policy?

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There are multiple ways you can authorise someone to discuss and make amendments to your policy. 

If you wish to authorize a person who is an insured traveler, you can grant them authorization by following these steps:

  • Access your My Staysure account.
  • You will be directed to your live policy - You will need to click "Amend my policy"
  • You will be asked some questions that you'll need to answer before proceeding.
  • Once that is completed you will load into the "Your details" Page. 
  • Halfway down you will see insured travelers and on the right-hand side there will be a box you can tick labelled "Authorised to discuss"
  • Once that is completed you will need to scroll down and click "Continue" on each page until you reach the "Payment" Page.
  • Don't worry, There is no charge for this.

If you are authorising someone who is not an insured traveler you can either contact our friendly customer services team or web chat team to authorise them on your account or you can email with your policy number and the person you are authorising. 

*Please Note - It is important to use the email address you have on the account to send us any emails so we can verify this is a genuine request*

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