How do I add cruise plus cover to my policy?

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If you have an existing policy with us and would like to add on cruise plus cover you'll need to follow the below steps,

  • Access your My Staysure account.
  • Once logged in, Select "My current policies"
  • Then select "Amend my policy"
  • Follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the "Travel Details" tab, You'll find a question asking 'Will anyone travelling on this policy go on a cruise during the period of insurance?'
  • Select 'Yes' and then scroll down and click "Continue"
  • You'll then be presented with some options for additional cover options and their associated fees, Click the check box for cruise plus cover and then select 'Add'
  • Scroll down and Click 'Continue' at the bottom of each page until you reach the 'Payment' tab
  • Your policy will then be updated and you will receive confirmation of those changes via your chosen communication method.

For more information on our terms & conditions as well as the table of benefits, please visit the policy wording booklet available HERE

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