I want to make changes to my medical conditions

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It’s important to let us know of any changes to your health or medical conditions, including a new diagnosis, so your policy covers you for everything you need it to before you set off.

We are unable to update medical conditions via email or chats. You can update your medical conditions by logging into your My Staysure account. It’s quick and easy to do, and you’ll avoid paying the admin fee you’d usually have to pay if you called us. 

You'll need to log on to your My Staysure account and click on 'Policies' then 'Amend My Policy' and then proceed with the on-screen instruction. (Please note: If your medical condition doesn't appear on the list then please contact our friendly customer services team)

Adding a new medical condition to your policy may cost a bit extra, but means you’re covered if you have a medical emergency while you’re away, or before you go. If you forget to tell us about any changes to your health, you may not be covered if you have a medical emergency and need to claim. (You will also be able to add medication related to your condition)

If you’re undergoing diagnosis or investigation it's important to contact us to make sure we can still cover you.

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