What can travel insurance cover me for?

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Your travel insurance is there to cover you for unexpected events and emergencies that can crop up before you travel or while you’re away.

Your Staysure policy could cover you for:

Cancellation or cutting your trip short
Travel insurance should cover you if you are forced to cancel or cut your trip short, also known as curtailing.

Pre-existing medical conditions
If you live with any medical conditions, you should look for a policy that can cover them. You’ll need to tell your insurer about all of the medical conditions you live with. You may not be covered if you forget to include any conditions that affect you.

Medical expenses
When you’re outside the UK, you may need to pay for emergency medical bills if you’re injured or fall ill on holiday. Our travel insurance policy is there to help cover the unexpected cost of your medical bills if you need them.

Repatriation (when you fall ill or get injured abroad)
If you fall ill or are injured when you’re abroad, sometimes you might need to be sent home (repatriated). If needed, private jets might be used along with a crew of health professionals to escort you to a UK hospital for further treatment. Repatriation can also cover the costs of getting you and others on your policy back home if you’ve been treated abroad and missed your booked flights home.

Baggage and personal items
If your baggage or personal items are lost, damaged, or stolen, your travel insurance should be able to help cover the costs to replace or repair them up to your cover limits.

Missed departure
If you miss your flight or port departure due to reasons out of your control, your travel insurance should be able to cover the costs for additional arrangements (including travel and accommodation) to get you to your destination.

Sports and activities
If you’re looking to take part in sports and activities when abroad, you’ll need to check that your travel insurance policy covers you. Sports and activities will differ between insurers, so it’s best to shop around

Cover for COVID should include medical expenses, cancellations, cutting your trip short, and any extras if you need to self-isolate abroad.

You also have the choice of adding extra cover to your policy for the following:

Gadget cover, Cruise Cover, Winter Sports Cover, Golf Cover and more.

Find out more about what travel insurance covers in our blog post. Full policy details can be found in our policy wording.

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