How do I add a medical condition to my travel insurance?

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To add a pre-existing medical condition to your policy, you’ll need to go through our simple medical screening process. 

The medical screening is a few straightforward questions we’ll ask about your health and any medical conditions you have before you get your travel insurance quote.

For existing policies, you can make some changes online on your My Staysure account. or you can call our customer service team over the phone.

To make changes via 'MyStaysure', You'll need to log in and go to 'policies'.

  • Once there you will need to select 'Amend My Policy'
  • This will then ask 'Have any travellers had a change in health since the policy was purchased?'
  • Select 'Yes' , then select 'I agree' & Then finally select 'I agree' again.
  • You'll then need to scroll down and click 'Continue' until you reach the medical declaration page.
  • Finally click 'I agree' and then this will load a new page that allows you to add any new medical conditions.
  • This will open the page 'Pre-Existing Medical Screening Questionnaire' from here update your medical and click continue until you reach the end of the where an additional payment may be required.



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