What is Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance?

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Our annual multi-trip policy protects you for 12 months of travel, up to a total of 183 days.

So, no matter how many trips you’ve got booked we’ll cover you just as long as you’re away for no more than 50 days at a time (or 35 days if you’re 71 or over).

If you’re 70 and under, you can also extend your 50-day limit to up to 100 days for one trip with our optional 100-Day Upgrade add-on.

You don't need to tell us about each trip you are taking, so long as you do not travel beyond your agreed trip limits.

You can start your policy straight away, or choose a start date up to 90 days in advance.

Our Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies cover:

  • All ages, with no upper age limit
  • Pre-existing medical conditions, with up to unlimited medical expenses
  • Cancellations and cutting your holiday short
  • Europe to Worldwide travel insurance – you choose the region you’re travelling to rather than specific locations
  • Winter sports cover included with Comprehensive(21 days) & Signature policies(28 days)
  • Medical emergencies – 24-hour worldwide support
  • Cruises for an additional fee

Wondering how many people you can have on a policy? Take a look at our 'How many people can I have on one policy?' article.

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