What's covered with additional winter sports cover?

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This section of cover can be included in Comprehensive and Signature Cover policies only, subject to payment of the required additional premium, and it is shown on your Validation Certificate.

Winter sports equipment:

We will pay the above price for hiring replacement winter sports equipment, if yours were to be stolen, lost or damaged, during your holiday.
Make sure you provide us with receipts and written confirmation of the original purchase and its replacement hire. We will take into account the age of your lost items to work out a claim.

Ski pass:
You’ll be covered if your ski pass, which you’re carrying (or left in a safety-deposit box or safe) were to be stolen, lost or damaged.

Ski pack:
We’ll cover the unused part of your ski pack if you’re unable to take part in winter sports because of illness or injury (as long as you are medically certified as being unfit for your activity.)
A ski pack includes ski-school fees or ski instructor fees, and the cost of any lift pass that you have booked. You must make sure you have a Medical Certificate to send to us if you need to claim to state you couldn’t take part.

Winter sports equipment delay:
We will reimburse you if your equipment is certified by the carrier to have been misplaced for more than 12 hours on the outward journey of your trip.

Piste closure:
We will reimburse your costs for travel to an alternative safe area, if you are unable to participate in any activities at your pre-booked resort for more than 24 consecutive hours, because of insufficient snow causing total closure of the lift system.

Avalanche or Landslide:
We will cover you for the amount above for reasonable extra accommodation and travel expenses if avalanches or landslides affect the access to the ski resort, or public transport services are cancelled.

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