Why do I need travel insurance for holidays in the UK?

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Even when you’re taking a break in the UK, many of the holiday risks remain the same.

Having a UK travel insurance policy for staycations and UK domestic cruises gives you extra peace of mind. So, you’ll be covered for up to £5,000 if you’re forced to cancel your trip or cut your holiday short, just as long as you’ve booked and paid for a place to stay for two nights of prepaid, pre-booked accommodation.

Any medical treatment you need in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) will be covered by the NHS. But if needed, we can help you to be transferred to a hospital that’s closer to home, which wouldn’t usually be covered by the NHS.

For example, if you’re hospitalised in Scotland but live in Bristol, we could cover the costs of moving you to a hospital more local, if medically necessary.

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