What types of travel insurance do you offer for the over 50s?

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We offer two types of insurance policies to suit you and your family’s travel plans:

Single Trip Travel Insurance: If you’re going on a stand-alone trip, then our Single Trip cover may be ideal for you. Once your holiday is over, your cover will stop too. For single trips, you can stay for up to 104 days at a time, with no upper age limit.

Annual Travel Insurance is great if you’re planning on going on more than one holiday a year. Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies cover your travel plans for up to 183 days in total. There is no upper age limit on our Annual Multi-Trip policies.

Your individual trip limits are:

  • 50 days per trip for travellers up to and including 70 years old.
  • 35 days per trip if your 71 years old or over.
  • Neither can exceed 183 days in total per year

All our policies can be tailored to suit your unique travel plans to make sure you’re covered properly.

If you wish to see further detail on the level of cover for your policy then you'll need to check the relevant policy wording.

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