How does the automatic renewal process work?

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If you’ve chosen to renew your travel insurance automatically, we’ll send you a reminder by post at least 21 days before your policy expires. This reminder details the price you paid previously, and how much your policy will cost for another 12 months of cover.

If you’ve chosen to renew using a continuous payment method (debit or credit card), we’ll automatically take payment the day before your policy expires, so there’s no gap in your cover.

  • Please note: The debit or credit card used to pay for your current policy will be the ones used to take payment for your renewal. For help on updating your card details, please click here

If you’re happy with your renewal quote and there are no changes to make, you won’t need to do a thing. Your policy will automatically renew so you’re all ready to go for your next holiday.

If you still wish to opt out of automatic renewal, Please click here

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