What does ‘fit to fly’ mean?

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The airline you fly with needs to know that it is medically safe for you to fly. It isn’t mandatory to state this when booking a flight, but if you’re aware of any problems it’s best to let the airline know in advance – staff have the right to refuse boarding if you appear to be unwell at the time.

In general they may not let you fly if you have a condition that could get worse during a flight, or a contagious illness that can infect other passengers. In some cases you may be asked to provide a fit to fly certificate from your doctor.

While it may seem like extra paperwork, it’s important to remember these restrictions exist to keep everyone safe from a medical perspective.

Restrictions can vary between airlines, so it’s best to check if you have any specific concerns. Most will have a medical advisory service that you can find on the airline’s website.

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