Do I need a fit to fly medical certificate?

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According to the Civil Aviation Authority, if you have a stable medical condition (e.g. asthma which is well controlled with medications) you don’t need a medical certificate.

If you have an unstable condition (e.g. asthma that isn’t well controlled and causes breathlessness on exertion) a note from your treating doctor outlining the medical condition will help with the decision on fitness to fly.

If you’re unsure if you need a fit-to-fly medical certificate for travel, speak to your GP or doctor if you answer yes to any of the below:

  • Are you recovering from a recent operation?
  • Are you more than 28 weeks pregnant?
  • Have you been recently discharged from the hospital?
  • Are you currently feeling unwell or recovering from an infectious disease, such as chicken pox?

The list can be quite long but in general, if you have a stable condition, you should be fine to fly.

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