What is specialist cruise travel insurance?

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Cruise travel insurance covers you for cruise mishaps that could crop up while on a cruise ship or river boat, as well as the cancellation, medical emergencies and lost luggage.
The following cover types are typically only found on specialist cruise travel insurance, and wouldn’t be covered with a standard travel insurance policy:
Cabin Confinement cover will help you if you’re confined to your cabin by the ship’s medical officer because you’ve fallen ill on the cruise.
Cruise Interruption covers you for the cost of extra accommodation, for you to later re-join your cruise at the next available port, if you were to fall ill and had to leave the cruise ship for hospital treatment.
Missed Port Departure cover will help you if you arrived at your initial departure point too late, because of things like vehicle breakdowns, cancellations of public transport because of adverse weather conditions or strikes, or motorway closures.
Unused Excursions cover will pay out if you can’t participate in pre-paid excursions because you’re confined to your cabin after injury or illness.

You can also be covered for itinerary changes, that will pay you if a port is missed off your itinerary because of adverse weather or timetable changes.

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